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Facility Coordinator

As a FACILITY COORDINATOR at Melexis, you take up the role of solution maker and hands-on coordinator. You will report to our Site Manager. Your business acumen, technical knowledge and service-minded attitude contribute to the creation of the right working environment. You ensure the constant, effective and environmentally-friendly functioning of the company infrastructure, the building and its premises as well as of the technical equipment in compliance with legislation

More specifically, you will...
  • Ensure facilities and the premises are in line with Facilities budget, the latest health, labour and safety legislation and environmental standards (e.g. availability of all required licenses and permits)
  • Establish the Facility budget, including follow up
  • Be responsible for the Maintenance Coordination (regular, preventative and corrective maintenance) of the building, premises, mobile phones & company cars.
  • Be responsible for the Equipment Management, including selection and organization
  • Coordinate the selection and management of the facility-related suppliers.
  • Coordinate contracts with companies, service providers, suppliers, local authorities etc (eg. cleaning, security, legal verification & control, HVAC, electricity,...)
  • Ensure adequate building supply (e.g. water, power, gas, heating, air conditioning, etc.)
  • Plan and guarantee follow up of the facility projects
  • Develop and implement facility-related policies, procedures & KPI - including follow up
  • Propose improvements for the facility, premises and equipment (eg. operation, energy consumption, cost savings by means of continuous improvement, best practice learning)
  • Proactively contribution to set up office facilities that provide the appropriate working environment and promote the Melexis brand (exterior/interior)
  • Be responsible for the building access system
  • Be responsible for the health & safety organization
  • Ensure priority accuracy in handling the Facilities support ticket system

You have knowledge in:
  • BA or professional education in Facility Management
  • Local safety regulations, health and labour protection law and environmental law
  • Building supply regulations
  • Technical understanding of building control and equipment
  • ISO/TS/IATF requirements
  • BA4/BA5 is a plus
  • Preventieadviseur niv 2 is a plus
  • Fluency in Dutch and English
You aim for:
  • Continuous improvement
  • Priority accuracy and problem solving
  • Proactive anticipation
  • A successful Facility coordination by combining your business and technical skills
  • Adapting to work efficiently in an international working environment
  • A challenging job in a dynamic high-tech international environment
  • The opportunity to take ownership of your professional passion in order to contribute to the success of the company
  • An enjoyable, team-oriented and professional atmosphere in a flat-structured organization
  • Versatile development opportunities
Raphael Pèrez

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